Basics Of Geranium Care


Geraniums are easy to grow, and even though they are mostly an outdoor flower, they can be grown equally well indoors, as long as they are receiving enough light and water. An important thing to bear in mind when buying geranium flowers is to pay attention to the color and size of the leaves, as the healthy ones will not lose color on the top side, as well as on the bottom side. To get biggest chances of maximum blooming, you have to let the plant get anywhere between 4 and 6 hours of sunlight every day.

Common problems and mistakes

One mistake that a lot of people make very often is that they don’t let the soil dry out properly before watering the plant again. This is quite common and can affect the health of the plant, so it is very important not to forget to let the soil dry out before watering it again. And if you do decide to grow geranium indoors during the winter, remember to water much less, but not so little that the roots go dry. Another important thing to remember is to remove any dead flowers to boost blooming, but also to prevent any seeding. Fertilization should be done at least two times a month, especially during the growing phase, but don’t forget to not fertilize during winter. Some of the most common issues that can occur include geranium not receiving enough light, as well as getting either too much or too little water. Keep these common mistakes in mind in order to maximize your chances of successfully growing your own geranium plant.

Benefits of growing geranium

Geranium can be very successful at repelling some pests such as beetles, earworms, and cabbageworm. This makes geranium a great companion plant for those plants such as corn, roses, grapes or cabbage, since they are prone to pests that are mentioned above. While following all the advice provided here can never guarantee 100% success, geranium handles root cutting very well, and there is no need for pesticides or herbicides. Just stick the cutting into a watered, fertilized soil, and after a few weeks, your plant should have taken root.